Wendy Smith

WendySmithWendy Smith hails from Armidale and has attended All Saints Anglican Church for over 25 years, she has held leadership positions within the Church and has spoken at a number of local events throughout the years. Wendy has a passion to help people understand the bible and this has led to speaking engagements in Canada, Perth and throughout the New England region. She has also written a extremely relevant series of talks on the sexualisation of girls in our culture. Wendy brings a depth of theological knowledge through her studies in a Preliminary Cert in Theology, a Graduate Diploma in Divinity that she converted to a Master of Arts in Christian Studies with a research project on how the evangelical church is single-friendly. During the day she is the Manager and Senior Scientist at Moree Hospital.

Wendy loves her puppies Ollie and Elsa, hockey, anything active and outdoor and is a seasoned world traveller with 7 continents under her belt including Antarctica and Russia.

Wendy will bring a deep and well thought out message with deep theological grounding.

Kris Lawson

KrisLawsonKris Lawson is originally from Parramatta, Sydney and moved to Moree over 30 years ago with her husband Greg to pastor the Moree Foursquare Church. Kris is now the Senior Pastor at the same church, now called IMPACTmoree, and has had a significant ministry to the women of Moree, especially the Aboriginal women.

Kris is also a teacher at Moree Christian School and previously taught at the local public high school for many years.

Kris is the mother of  3 children and has 2 grand daughters. She is a recreational gardener and masterchef extraordinaire. As a wise, faithful and Godly woman with extensive speaking experience, Kris will bring an inspiring message that is vibrant and relevant to being a woman of influence in our corner of the world.